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Need some help choosing your Good Deed? We’ve picked out some great ideas to inspire you in doing good...

Go green
Go green Help clean up shores and parks.
Care for animals
Care for animals At the public animal shelter or help at a farm.
Share your time
Share your time Share some of your time with the elderly in your community.
Make a lasting difference
Make a lasting difference With a fresh coat of paint on walls at your local school, community centre and neighbourhood buildings.
Smile The easiest and sometimes most effective way to do good.
Food for the homeless
Food for the homeless On your next food shop, picks up extra items to donate to the homeless, or help at food distribution centres.
Walk your neighbour’s dog
Walk your neighbour’s dog Next time you take your dog out for a walk, offer to take your neighbour’s dog as well.
Shovel snow
Shovel snow While shoveling snow off your own drive, take an extra few minutes and help your neighbour out.
Offer to babysit
Offer to babysit Look after a younger family member or that of a friend for some cheerful afternoon time together.
Donate something you don’t use
Donate something you don’t use Give unwanted items to your local charity shop.
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